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Cumming Veterinary Clinic Cumming Veterinary Clinic

Phone: (770) 887‑3119
Address: 4110 Deputy Bill Cantrell Memorial Road, Cumming, GA 30040

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Specialized Care for Exotic Pets

Specialized Care for Exotic Pets

Cumming Veterinary Clinic welcomes your exotic pets, including birds, rabbits, rodents, ferrets, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, reptiles and amphibians, fish, small-hoofed pets like pot-bellied pigs and goats, and more.

Dr. David Martinez has been treating exotic species since he graduated from veterinary school in 2002. At Cumming Veterinary Clinic, our full range of veterinary services for exotic pets includes the following:

A colorful bird.
  • Initial Appointments: When you first adopt an exotic pet, it’s important to schedule an initial appointment, during which we will discuss care, diet and husbandry, vaccinations (if needed), sterilization, and answer any other medical questions.
  • Wellness Exams: Regular veterinary visits help us spot early indications of illnesses. These visits are extremely important for exotic pets, as many exotic pets are prey species and will instinctively hide injuries and illnesses to prevent predators from targeting them.
  • Senior Pet Exams: Once your exotic pet reaches senior status, we recommend biannual examinations to give us more opportunities to detect problems before they become serious.
  • Vaccinations: We offer species-appropriate vaccines when indicated for your exotic pet.
  • Dental Care: For our toothy companions like rabbits, rodents, and potbellied pigs, we perform necessary dental services to keep their teeth healthy.
  • Surgery: We offer both soft tissue and orthopedic surgery. We have electrocautery (the use of an electric current to cut through tissue and stop bleeding during surgical operation) and a vessel sealing device (electrosurgery).
  • Grooming: We offer grooming for mammals, birds, and reptiles, such as nail trims, wing trims, beak trims, hoof trims, baths, and general grooming.

In addition to our in-hospital services, Dr. Martinez provides house calls for exotic pet collections and inspections for USDA permit holders. He is also available for honeybee consultations, and hive inspection and management.

At Cumming Veterinary Clinic, we are prepared to provide whole-life care for your exotic pets. Please contact us if you have any questions about the scope of our services.