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Cumming Veterinary Clinic Cumming Veterinary Clinic

Phone: (770) 887-3119
Address: 4110 Deputy Bill Cantrell Memorial Road, Cumming, GA 30040

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We’re Cat People at Cumming Veterinary Clinic

We’re Cat People at Cumming Veterinary Clinic

Despite being owned in higher numbers, cats tend to receive less frequent veterinary care than their canine counterparts, and we’d like to help change that.

A cat with their young owner.

Cats Have Distinct Needs

We understand that trips to the doctor can be especially difficult for cats. They are not small dogs. Cats require different handling and examination techniques that aim to minimize stress, and we do all we can to keep your cat calm and comfortable.

Another reason why cats may be underserved is because cats tend to be loners, and in the wild, they’re programmed to never show signs of illness or weakness. This behavior can be deceiving for pet owners—giving them a false sense of security that all is well with their cat.

A beautiful cat in the window.

Annual Checkups Are Crucial

We cannot overstate the importance of regular preventive care for cats of all ages. We strongly encourage you to schedule a wellness visit as soon as you adopt a new cat. Annual physical examinations coupled with appropriate vaccines, parasite control, and diagnostics can significantly improve your cat's quality of life and save money in the long run by detecting illnesses early on. We typically recommend more frequent examinations for senior cats and those with medical or behavioral conditions.

Cats also have unique dietary needs that vary with life stage, sterilization status, and activity level. We are always happy to recommend a diet that best meets the needs of your cat.

Paw Project

Protecting Paws

We advocate for ending the practice of declawing cats, and we support the efforts of The Paw Project. We are happy to answer your questions regarding the risks of declawing your cat, and we can provide suggestions for protecting your furniture, yourselves, and other pets so you can live in harmony with your cat—claws and all.

Don’t miss the opportunity to protect your cat’s quality of life with routine veterinary care. Call us today to schedule your cat’s appointment.